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How to complain if you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received

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We've designed Smart Pension to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your workplace pension, and we hope you enjoy using our service.

Our customer support team is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) through email, telephone, and live chat. However, we understand that if something doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d like, you may wish to complain. Complaints are very rare, but when they do arise, we take them very seriously.

How do I complain?

If you're unhappy with any aspect of the scheme, you can contact the Smart Pension Master Trust through email at You should receive an acknowledgement within five working days and a formal reply within eight weeks.

How do I escalate a complaint?

If you're still unhappy, you can make a formal complaint through our Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure (IDRP). The Trustee will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and will aim to reach their decision on how to resolve the complaint within four months. It may take up to a further 15 working days for the Trustee to write to you with regards to their decision. You will be notified should there be any delays outside of this timeframe.

You can use this IDRP if you are or were:

  • a Scheme member

  • a dependant of a deceased Scheme member

  • a non-dependent beneficiary of a deceased Scheme member

  • a prospective member of the Scheme

  • the former spouse or civil partner of a Scheme member with a pension credit in the Scheme

  • if you believe that you are (or were) one of the above, but this is disputed

A personal representative may act on behalf of any of the above if the person has died. A family member may act on behalf of any of the above if they are a minor or otherwise incapable of acting.

If you wish, you may also nominate someone to represent you (at your own cost) in making the complaint, for example, a colleague or solicitor. If you choose to do this, we will communicate with your chosen representative instead of you.

We may also refer a complaint that you have made to our customer service team to the Trustee under the IDRP if we believe it is more appropriate for the complaint to be considered under the procedure.

Making a complaint through IDRP

Your complaint must be made in writing and contain the following information:

  • your full name, address, date of birth and National Insurance number

  • the name and address of any representative

  • an explanation of your complaint - we only handle complaints about the Scheme and do not deal with any complaints that you have with your employer

You can send your complaint by post to:

The Trustee of the Smart Pension Master Trust

Smart Governance Limited

The Smart Building



Alternatively, you can email your complaint to

When do I have to submit my complaint?

Please note that your complaint under the IDRP must be made within six months of the date of the decision or event that is the subject of your complaint. If you are no longer a member, beneficiary, or prospective member (or claim to be in one of those categories), your complaint must be made within six months of the date on which you ceased (or claim to have ceased) to be such a person.

When will the Trustee make their decision?

Your complaint will initially be investigated by Smart Pension and referred to the Trustee for a decision. Your complaint will be reviewed by at least two members of the Trustee board, usually members of our Operations Sub-Committee. Depending on the complexity of your complaint, if necessary, a decision may be referred to the whole Trustee board for review.

The Trustee will aim to reach a decision about your complaint as soon as possible and within four months of the complaint being made under the IDRP.

Can I contact The Pensions Ombudsman about my complaint?

You have the right to refer your complaint to The Pensions Ombudsman free of charge. The Pensions Ombudsman deals with complaints and disputes that concern the administration and/or management of occupational and personal pension schemes. If you are a member, the Pension Ombudsman will usually only consider a complaint after it has been formally considered by the Trustees. You can submit a complaint using this online form. Alternatively, you can contact them by:

Where can I get guidance?

If you have general requests for information or guidance about your pension arrangements, refer to MoneyHelper. You can contact them by calling 0800 011 3797 or through their website

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