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A guide to the your pension page

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Your pension page is the first thing you'll see when you sign in as a member.

There are several sections on the Your pension page, pictured and explained below.

Pension Balance

This shows your current pension balance and any amounts currently being processed.

Welcome message

Your employer may have added a Welcome message. You can hide this message once you have read it so that it doesn’t appear again.


This shows you the percentage breakdown of contributions into your pension made by you and your employer.

Retirement age

Your current projected retirement age.


If you are managing your investments yourself, rather than an investment strategy that Smart Pension manages for you, you will see a list of those investments here.


Your inbox will contain any messages sent by Smart Pension to you.

To do list

Your To do list will contain a list of any items you need to complete or update to keep your pension details up to date, for example, adding beneficiaries.


Here you can choose who gets your pension savings if you die before you take them.

Other pensions

This section allows you to view or transfer money in and out of pensions from other providers.

Pension calculator

If you are an active scheme member you will see the pension calculator, and use it to adjust your retirement age and contribution percentage to estimate your pension income for retirement.

Financial wellbeing

This section takes you to a selection of useful articles about your Smart pension.

Stop paying in

As a member of a scheme you can use the Stop paying in option to cease membership.

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