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Boost your pension saving by making a one-off pension contribution
Boost your pension saving by making a one-off pension contribution

A single pension contribution can boost your pension savings without committing to regular payments.

Written by Smart Pension Support
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Why should I consider making a one-off payment?

  1. Full tax relief is available at your highest rate of income tax – the government will be helping to boost your savings.

  2. Large one-off contributions can have a positive impact on the amount in your pension account at retirement – the earlier you pay, the bigger the potential impact.

  3. You only make these payments when you can afford it – you’re not committed to large regular payments.

  4. Paying one-off pension contributions can help with general tax planning for example, restoring some or all of the personal tax allowance for higher earners, or reducing the value of an individual’s general estate for inheritance tax purposes.

Find out how to make a single contribution on our Making a single contribution webpage.

If you need impartial guidance or advice

The aim of this article is to give information about one-off contributions. This article doesn’t give personal or professional advice. If you need advice, then you should speak to an independent financial adviser. You can also contact the MoneyHelper service for more information and impartial guidance about making one-off contributions.

If you are still unsure, and you don’t already have an adviser, you can find a retirement adviser on the MoneyHelper service website.

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