Our custom client sign up feature is a great way to onboard clients by allowing them to  sign themselves up using a customised form. You can also add your own messaging and company or adviser name.

You can share the custom sign up link with as many clients as you wish, and using that link they will all be ascribed to your adviser account automatically, from where you can manage them.

How to use

In your adviser menu, click on Invite companies, or visit this link whilst logged in.

You will see a page with an auto-generated custom signup URL.  You can use this straight away and communicate to clients via email, or copy into documents as necessary.  When clients click this link they are taken to your own custom sign up page where they can register themselves under your account.

At the bottom of the page there are two custom fields to change the messaging at the beginning of the sign up process, and at the confirmation stage of the sign up process.  These fields can be used to tailor the message to your specific service, billing arrangements or industry sector, for example.

There is no requirement to write your own messaging in these fields, if left blank, they will show generic messages like the ones in this example.

At any and all stages, clients will have access to customer service and live chat assistance on the page, which Smart Pension provides as standard.  They will help your clients complete the process with the minimum of fuss if they have any questions.

Tips for getting more client sign ups

  • Include your custom URL wherever you can - like email footers, in help documents or articles

  • Emphasise how quick and simple the process is (we literally couldn't make it any simpler so this really is the quickest way of getting set up!)

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