The Notification Centre allows you to define which email addresses you would like your Smart Pension emails sent to. This update replaces the original Point of Contact method which limited all emails to one recipient, with that recipient having to be an administrator of the scheme. 

The new Notification Centre allows you to assign different recipients to the 3 different category of emails we send out and includes the ability to add recipients or email addresses who are not administrators of the scheme.

To add a new email address, you simply type the address and hit the 'enter' button on your keyboard.

The Notification Centre can be found by selecting the 'Menu' button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Then selecting 'Company Details' from the drop-down box.


The Notification Centre will group all emails into 3 main categories:

  • Scheme emails: when Smart Pension notifies you of any changes that affect the company pension scheme e.g. changes to the minimum contribution percentages, outstanding tasks to complete and re-enrolment reminders.
  • Membership emails: when Smart Pension notifies you of any changes to employee membership e.g. employees opting out or ceasing membership, employees who want to join the scheme and percentage contribution changes related to a single employee.
  • Billing emails: when Smart Pension notifies you about direct debits and payments.

This categorisation will help you define who is/are the best recipient(s) based on the email topic.

Custom email addresses

You can assign up to 20 email addresses per email category. This will allow you to assign our communications to the relevant department or team that is responsible for these tasks.

Furthermore, you can set mailing lists to receive our communications (e.g. might be the recipient of all billing emails, might be the mailing list of the adviser who will receive all emails related to changes in memberships (and where these changes must be applied to the company payroll).


You can add and remove recipients as you wish via the Notification Centre. Each recipient will also be able to remove their email address from the recipient list of a certain email category directly from within the email they receive by clicking 'unsubscribe'.

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