If you are using a payroll application (or another third party application) that has integrated with our API you will need your secure API key in order to connect your payroll application with your Smart Pension account.

Everyone with a Smart Pension account has their own API key, but only Admins or Signatories have the ability to update all aspects of the scheme. Therefore, if you want to connect your payroll account with your Smart Pension account, you need to use the API key belonging to an Admin or Signatory of the scheme in order to be able to manage the entire scheme.

To find your API key, sign in to your Smart Pension account under your Employer Mode.

NB - If you are an Admin or Signatory you can select employer when you sign in and you will automatically be signed in to the correct profile. If not, select Employer mode from the Switch Account option in the menu.

From your homepage, go to the top right-hand corner and select the following:
Menu > Profile Details > Profile Settings

Your API key is pre-populated in the field at the bottom of your profile. Copy and paste your key into your payroll application and you are ready to go!

Please make sure you keep your API key secure and don't share it via email or with other people.  

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