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Uploading pre-assessed contributions

How to use a PAPDIS file to process your contributions

Written by Smart Pension Support
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If your payroll software calculates pension contributions for you, this article will tell you how you can upload this information into Smart Pension.

If your payroll software doesn’t calculate contributions, our assessment tool can do it for you, for more information please see our dedicated help article.

Step 1 - Create a Payroll And Pensions Data Interface Standard (PAPDIS) file

We accept PAPDIS files for uploading pre-assessed pension contributions. Many popular payroll providers (such as Moorepay, Moneysoft, Sage and Xero) allow you to generate a PAPDIS file within your payroll software. If you haven't exported a PAPDIS file from your payroll software before, please ask your payroll provider for help or visit our payroll support page.

Step 2 - Upload your PAPDIS file

Go to the pre-assessed contributions page, and either drag and drop a CSV file into the box at the top of the page or click on Select a file. You'll then see a notification that your file is processing.

Step 3 - Check your file has uploaded correctly

Once we've processed all the records in your PAPDIS file, the page will update to show one of three status messages.

Successfully uploaded

This means you've successfully uploaded all the records from your PAPDIS file.

Please note, we can only identify missing fields or fields with invalid formatting (for example, text in a number field) in your PAPDIS file. We can't detect incorrect information, such as a misspelt name, or wrong contribution values (for example, 1000 instead of 10.00). You can edit and delete records from the Contributions page if you spot a mistake.

Errors detected

This means some records have been uploaded successfully but others haven't.

Click on View errors to see what’s gone wrong. You'll see a list of the errors that have been detected towards the bottom of the page. 

Once you’ve fixed them, you’ll need to upload a new file with the corrected records only. Trying to re-upload any records that were successful the first time will result in more errors.


This means that none of the records in your file were uploaded.

Click on View details to check what’s gone wrong. The file may be in an incorrect format (it must be a CSV file), or there may be some missing mandatory information, such as an employee’s payroll ID or postcode. Once you’ve fixed the errors, you’ll need to upload the whole file again.

Step 4 - View or edit your contributions

Once you've successfully uploaded your spreadsheet, you can see the details of all your contribution records on the Contributions page.

We'll take payment for your contributions on the 7th of the following month. If there is a mistake, you can edit or delete the records from this page, as long as it's before midnight on the 5th. For more details on what your contributions page shows, you can see our dedicated help article here.

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