Should you receive an invitation to advise a company and wish to accept, follow the quick steps below. If you are unaware about what an Advise Invitation is, please read our full help article.

Receiving an Invitation Link

You should already have received an email which contains an invitation link (or you may have just received the link directly); if not, a full guide on generating an invite link can be found here. These steps should be followed by the inviting party.

Accepting the invitation

Once you have this link, log in as an adviser and head to the Companies page which can be accessed here. If you do not yet have an adviser account, you may create one by following the steps on this page.

Once you are on the Companies page, simply paste the invite link into the URL bar of your web browser. This should redirect you to the accepted company's adviser page, as shown below.

This company will have automatically be added to your Companies page on your Adviser Account, as seen below.

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