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Inviting a new adviser for a client
Inviting a new adviser for a client

How to invite another adviser to manage a client with you

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An adviser invitation is a way to join your Smart Pension employer pension account with a firm that has a Smart Pension Adviser account.

You can send an invitation to a trusted company that has an existing Smart Pension Adviser account, or you can send the same invitation to an Adviser who does not yet have a Smart Pension Adviser account and they can set one up at the same time.

You can read our What is an adviser invitation? Article for more information.

The client will need to be aware that you are sending an invite on their behalf. The invite will generate an email notification to the client confirming additional access has been given.

  1. Sign in as an adviser and open the clients page, expand the client details and click on Manage client.

  2. From the Client details screen select Invite external adviser

  3. This will take you to the Invite external adviser page where you can click on Create invite to send to the invited adviser.

  4. You can also see a list of previous invitations and by expanding an invite you can use the Share invite button to send the same invite to another new adviser.

  5. This brings up the Share invite dialog and allows you to Copy invite link to clipboard to then send via email to a new adviser.

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