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Smart Pension and The Payroll Site
Smart Pension and The Payroll Site

How to set up your Smart Pension account with The Payroll Site

Written by Smart Pension Support
Updated over a week ago

The Payroll Site integrates with Smart Pension via API and PAPDIS file.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the employee records created via API when using The Payroll Site?

Yes. The employees are created via the API submission sent to the Smart Pension platform.

I have got a ‘pay period not consecutive’ error when submitting via API. How do I correct this?

The Smart Pension platform checks the pay periods are uploaded in order for those that are active scheme members ( automatically enrolled/opted in to the pension scheme). We don’t  allow any gaps or overlaps the pay periods sent. For example, you can’t upload for February 2020 if you have not uploaded for January 2020.

The following error message lets you know the date of the next expected period:

’Pay period not consecutive - The pay period start date must be one day after the end of the previous pay period XXXX’. 

Where do I enter the employer ID on The Payroll Site to populate on the PAPDIS file?

To enter the employer ID:

  1. Click on the Workplace Pensions option

  2. Click Pension Schemes

  3. Click Add Pension Scheme

  4. Click Edit Details

  5. For the Name field, enter the name for your pension scheme.

  6. For Pension Interface field choose 'PAPDIS CSV'.

  7. For the Provider Reference field leave blank unless your pension provider tells you to fill it in.

  8. For Employer Reference, enter the employer ID your pension provider gave you

  9. Click Save Changes

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