Smart Pension and BrightPay

How to set up your Smart Pension account with BrightPay

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BrightPay has API integration with Smart Pension.


Frequently asked questions

Does BrightPay submit data for all employees via API?

BrightPay only submits data to Smart Pension for active scheme members, those that have automatically enrolled or opted into the pension scheme. 

 You will need to ensure that any employees who are in postponement, non eligible or entitled workers receive their statutory communications either via BrightPay or other means.

I have an adviser Smart Pension platform with multiple clients, can I use the BrightPay API?

Yes, you can use the agent setting within BrightPay to submit the data via API. 

I set my employees up within Smart Pension first and now I am struggling to send across the contribution data from BrightPay. Can I use the API?

You can use the API, but first you will need to ensure the employees data on Smart Pension and BrightPay match to allow the data to be sent. 

We allocate an employee ID to all employees once they are created on the Smart Pension platform.  When sending the data by API, employee IDs are automatically populated into BrightPay. 

However, in this instance the employee ID will need to be inputted into BrightPay manually to establish the link so you will be able to send data. This only needs to be done once.

To enter the employee ID manually on BrightPay: 

  • Go to the Pension Tab

  • Select More, then 'View/Enter Smart Pension Employee ID Values.'

  • Entering the employee IDs manually

Here to help

If any issues arise our support team might request to see the generated error messages and also a screenshot of the submission preview. This will allow us to understand the issue and hopefully resolve the issues faster. 

Please ensure that if the submission contains sensitive data, for example employee information, that is it sent with appropriate protection. 

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