Managing your clients

How to administer clients you or other users on your adviser account manage

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To manage client details, invite external advisers, manage admins and signatories for your client and sign in as an administrator to your client follow the steps below.

  1. To view your list of clients sign in to the home page and then click the Clients option, pictured below.

  2. View more details on a client by clicking on the red expansion arrow to the right of the client name.

Sign In

  1. Click on Sign in to allow you to manage the company as a signatory or admin.

  2. This will take you to the landing page for your client.

  3. To switch back to your adviser account, click on the Account menu option and select Adviser mode.

  4. This will bring you back to the client’s adviser page, where you can continue as normal.

Manage Client

  1. From the client's details page click on Manage client.

From here you have another option to Sign in, see above for details and also options to Edit client details, Invite external adviser and Admins and signatories.

Edit client details

  1. Click on Edit client details.

  2. From here you can make changes to the clients details and click on Save when you are happy with the changes.

Invite external adviser

Admins and signatories

  1. From the client details page click on Admins and signatories.

  2. From the Admin and signatories page you can view the admins and signatories for your client.

  3. Click on the red arrow to expand the admin/signatory you want to view and click on Edit to make any changes.

  4. Make the required changes and click on Save to apply the changes.

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