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How to set up your Smart Pension account with MyPAYE

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Set up guide for MyPAYE users with Smart Pension accounts

When you go to the Employer Options page, select the Pension Auto Enrolment Options category and select Smart Pension AE Provider, MyPAYE automatically enables a number of fields to populate the specific settings required for using the Smart Pension AE Pension file format.

The Pension Auto Enrolment Options settings will display the following fields

Field Name: Auto Enrolment Employer Ref
Mandatory: Yes
You will need to enter your Company ID in this field, you can find this in Scheme Details at the bottom of your todo list on the Smart Pension homepage.

Field Name: Auto Enrolment Duties Start Date
Mandatory: Yes
Your Pension Auto Enrolment Duties Start Date (or your Staging Date) as defined by the Pensions Regulator 

Field Name: Next Re-Enrolment Date
Mandatory: No
MyPAYE will calculate this from your Pension Auto Enrolment Duties Start Date 

Posting pension data to Smart Pensions

MyPAYE has a direct interface to Smart Pensions API so pension data is transferred with a simple click of a button

You will need to enter your Smart Pension API Key on the My User Details page so that MyPAYE can post your Pension data to Smart Pensions via their API.

You can find your Smart Pension API Key by logging into the Smart Pension website and going to Menu then Profile Details and selecting Profile Settings, your API details will be listed on the right hand side.

NOTE: When you sign up as an Employer with Smart Pension, you will be asked to provide details of the person who will act as the signatory on the Pension Scheme. 

If this person is also an Employee on MyPAYE, it is crucial that you enter the National Insurance Number for this person, and also enter their Payroll Ref from MyPAYE in the External ID field, in their Customer record in Smart Pension so that Smart Pension can match their contributions correctly. 

All other employees will be automatically created as Customers in Smart Pension when their first contributions are posted to Smart Pension.

Please note this guide has been created by MyPAYE. For further help please contact their support team.

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